Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No TRP ratings till Dec 19th 2012

From channel to makers, actors to viewers, on every Wednesday everyone desperately wait for TRP ratings. TAM (Television Audience Measurement), claims that they measure the pulse of Indian audiences and provides the TRPs.

Yesterday we were shocked when we received message from TAM stating that they will not provide TRPs for next 2 months. The message reads, “As Jointly agreed by the 3 Industry bodies, IBF(Indian Broadcasting Foundation), ISA (Industry Standard Architecture), AAAI(Advertising Agencies Association of India), due to impending Digitization, TAM viewership data release for all markets for the week starting OCT 7th 2012 (Week 41) till Dec 8th 2012 (week 49) has been deferred for release on Dec 19th 2012 along with data for Dec 9th to Dec 15th 2012 (Week 50). Thank You. -  Hence no ratings for 2 months...

That means you will get TRPs after mid December.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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  1. Many shows will escape from channel chopping. :)

  2. Meters are only getting the rates from 8000 homes out of the 1 billion indian viewers.. They were faulty for almost 1 1/2 years.. & first people to get the bait was IMAGINE TV.. sadly the action was not taken then and now when they took again sadly many good shows got shut & ridiculous shows will enjoy their freedom...

    Ideally shows should run 500 episodes . Give a season break & then come back again after 8 months.. During the 8 months feed in another show, This way there is Variety & many jobless Artists/Actors who are extremely talented will get room to show their creativity & there is a spectrum for shows for all walks of life..

    Such rules would give good viewership & showcase better clarity of TELEVISION...

  3. I agree with the comment above....even the a actors need some break and making shows in the form of seasons would give the viewers also some break from time to time..otherwise we end up watching so much of crap and filler stuff just to churn out some episode every single day!!

  4. it means now cvs can show any crap in shows as they r fearless abt trps.........

  5. I think channels will know about how the show's are doing.

    So Makers wouldn't let viewers go away from the show. So hopefully we will get good episodes. Just wish they don't bring in unnecessary people.

  6. oh this is awesome news . with digitization hopefully EVERYONE who are purchase these channels to watch their shows are included in the TRP.


  7. i want to know if d trp for oct-nov will come in dec or not if its postponed or not coming in dec also or in dec only dec trp will come can someone plz tell me.

  8. Yes bb6 ki biggest popularity k samne star plus zee tv niche aa gye honge isiliye weldone colors keep it up actualy aftr bidaai ended h hate star plus


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